CSV File Format

This information applies to all platforms.

You can use a CSV (comma separated value) file to import data into Droppath Route Planner. The following columns are supported:

  • address*: a full address, usually between quotes since they often contains commas
  • address_number: the door number
  • address_street: the street name including the type, for example: Maple Street
  • address_unit: the appartment number
  • address_line1: a combination of door number, street name and unit number
  • address_line2: in some location, the unit number is in the 2nd address line
  • address_city: the name of the locality where the address is located
  • address_state: the 2nd level administrative division of this country
  • address_country: the country name or code
  • address_postalcode: the postal code or zip code
  • latitude: the latitude of the location as a double
  • longitude: the longitude of the location as a double
  • notes: a string of information your want to include in the destination card
  • contact_name: the name of the person to meet at the destination
  • contact_phone: the phone number of the person to meet at the destination
  • company: the company name at the destination
  • tracking_id: the tracking ID of the package
  • quantity: the number of packages to drop at this location

* Required field if no other address column are provided. For example you can provide only address, or address_line1, address_city and address_state.

To create a CSV file, please refer to your spreadsheet application's documentation (Google Sheet, Numbers, Microsoft Excel, etc).

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